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Blog / September 1st, 2023

Our ongoing journey

This month you may find you are having to change your daily schedule, getting back to work or starting back with your unit as a new term begins, and we can all benefit from pacing ourselves. We will probably have goals in mind and may need help to achieve those goals. We all know that there’s been some big changes as well at Girlguiding Anglia with a new chief’s team.

You may need a strategy for dealing with changes that come your way, either unexpectedly or as part of your plans. Acceptance, asking for help, finding a pace that suits us, establishing goals that we can look forward to are just some of the ways to make our busy lives more manageable and get the most from our choices. If you want a fun book to give a perspective on change, why not read ‘Who moved my cheese?’ by Dr Spencer Johnson, or watch this summary on YouTube. 

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