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Blog / March 28th, 2023

Outdoor inspiration

With the changing of the clocks lighter evenings are now here and summer camps and sleepovers are being planned. This month we have gathered some of our favourite outdoor challenges to inspire you for light evenings, camps, or anytime you want to celebrate the great outdoors.


Updated in 2021 the Anglia Outdoor Challenge is still as popular as ever. With an easy-to-view format and challenges that can be picked by your unit and tailored as you need, it can last as long or as short as you like.

For something more in-depth try the feel-good-in-nature challenge written by a volunteer project group in partnership with the RSPB. Find the Anglia challenges and partnerships in the resources section.


Learn orienteering. British Orienteering has clubs all over the UK that can help you get started with orienteering. Want to have a go yourself? The British Orienteering website has lots of guides and activities to learn the basics as well as introductory videos.

If you have an outdoor site with your meeting place you can apply to them to set up a mapped course or visit one of their many permanent courses for free.


Want to find a whole library of challenge badges and support units to raise funds? Search for and join the Facebook group ‘Girlguiding Unofficial Challenge Badges For Leaders’. All the badges listed are updated annually and are easy to find in the files section. One of our units loved the look of the Wildlife Challenge and will be completing it during camp this spring.


Feeling creative? Girlguiding Scotland has an out-and-about challenge that can be as simple or complex as you and your unit would like. You can even use it as a takeaway challenge for unit members over the holidays.


Whatever you do we’d love to hear about and see your activities so please share with us and tag us on social media. And if you have an amazing idea for a challenge or partnership why not get in touch?


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