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Blog / April 28th, 2020

Region Opportunities – Get Involved and Have Your Say

Girlguiding Anglia is proud to be part of the Girlguiding family and we want to ensure we offer the best programme and opportunities to our girls, young women and volunteers. In order for us to deliver all of the fun we have to comply with numerous legal, financial and guiding regulations. We have a number of committees that ensure we remain compliant and oversee the various parts of our organisation, the committee structure includes Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Hautbois, Awards and our Executive. This governance structure and the members who sit within it help us to deliver the very best for all our members, staff and wider communities.

At the moment we are looking for members who could give up some of their valuable time to support our charity in a number of different roles. In return for your time, knowledge and support the region will offer you an induction at the start of your role, you will gain valuable experiences and learn new skills. Plus you will have the opportunity to guide the delivery of the region strategy and help shape the future of our fabulous organisation.

Current Region Committee Vacancies

We’re looking for two people to join our Executive Committee:

The first vacancy would be for a member with a region appointment.

The second vacancy is for a leader from within the Anglia region. Our ideal candidate would be from our 18 – 30 members to advocate for this important age group.

These vacancies are hugely important and will help to shape and influence our region’s direction going forward. The formal application packs for the Executive Committee roles will be available shortly, for any questions in the meantime please contact


Our Finance Committee currently has two vacancies:

The first position is for the committee chair. The recruitment pack for the finance committee chair will be available shortly. Please contact with any questions you have or to express an interest.

The second vacancy is for a member with a region appointment. To view the application pack please click here.

The Finance Committee is vital to the smooth running of our organisation, it is supported by the region treasurer and the region finance manager.


The Human Resources Committee also has two vacancies:

The first is for a member with a region appointment. To view the application pack please click here.

The second vacancy is for a leader from within the Anglia region to act as members representative. To view the application pack please click here.

The HR committee discusses many issues concerning the staff that work within the region office, the retail shop and Hautbois Activity Centre including job descriptions, recruitment and wellbeing.


As well as joining a committee our members can also become involved in region projects by taking on a specialist lead volunteer role.

We are currently looking for a lead volunteer plus two deputy roles for our communications team. This role is vital to the running of our organisation, engaging with our members, supporting leaders and liaising with our region counties, Girlguiding and region partners.

To view the application pack please click here

Member Testimonials

Hear what some of our current members have to say about their region roles:

Maxine Jones

Lead Volunteer for Marketing, Retail and Communication

“Being a lead volunteer is brilliant! I can honestly say that I have loved pretty much every part of my role as lead volunteer for marketing, retail and communication. It has given me the opportunity to use my skills and experience from both guiding and non-guiding life plus I’ve acquired a whole new set of skills too.

It’s great to be part of the region team and work with both staff and other volunteers to keep the region moving forward and support our members. It is so rewarding to start a project and take it through to launch and see the impact it has. It feels good to know you are making informed decisions that will benefit our region members.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with new and interesting people and have been involved in an exciting variety of partnerships from Essex County Cricket to The Houses of Parliament. My work as lead volunteer even resulted in me being recognised for a national award from Parliament! Not only has my role been satisfying, it has certainly enhance my CV and given me the chance to make a lasting difference to the charity I care about.”

Debbie Docherty

Region Trustee

“Round about the time I was taking early retirement from work I noticed in the Girlguiding Anglia newsletter that there was an opportunity for new trustees. I thought it might be just the challenge I was looking for so I made some enquiries. It seemed my business and managerial skills coupled with my guiding experience would be useful so I applied. I have been in the role for two years now, it has been very interesting and worthwhile.
The role fit flexibly with other activities, meetings are scheduled well in advance to help plan your life and there is an induction programme to help you settle in. There have been challenges and things we could never have planned, not least tough decisions we have had to make recently because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However I feel that my ideas, opinions and skills have been valued and I have found it great working in a team with like minded individuals all focused on trying to do our best for guiding in the Anglia region.”