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Blog / September 21st, 2020

Meet Katie, our new Digital Lead Volunteer

Hello, my name is Katie and I have just started as the new Digital Lead Volunteer for Girlguiding Anglia’s Communications Team. I have just taken over my own Guide unit in Oxfordshire and have been volunteering in Anglia for 6 years.

How did you begin volunteering in Anglia?

I started in guiding as a Brownie, and then a guide.

I began volunteering when I turned 14 as a young leader in my Guide unit. At this age I was extremely shy, and quiet, however, being involved in Guides has taught me how to be confident, how to make friends, how to form my own opinions and stand up for those opinions. Even now as an adult, I am constantly reminded of how volunteering for Guides has helped me.

Guiding gave me a really strong support system, and group of incredible female role models. Under their leadership I got to learn so much about what makes a good unit leader, and now always strive to be able to provide to the girls coming into my unit the same experiences that these amazing women gave me.

Why did you apply for the role in the communications team?

I am really excited about my new role as Digital Lead Volunteer because it means that I am contributing to other young girls finding their own units and getting those experiences and lessons that were so crucial to me when I was their age.

Guiding has supported me getting into university, and in job applications. I now work as an events assistant, and my experience with guiding is one of the things that made me stand out in my job interview. I have always looked at guiding as an opportunity to widen my experiences and make sure I highlight it on my CV and job applications. I always wanted to move into the digital marketing world, so this position felt like the perfect way to gain experience in that field in a way that was flexible with my day job.

I am most excited about being able to watch different projects take shape from start to finish, and make positive changes to the way that Anglia engages members and non members using digital communications. Having only been in the role for a month, I am already involved in a couple of projects, and am really excited to start working more closely with the team.

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