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Blog / July 28th, 2022

Being yourself

A change of pace for the month, time to take stock and get your ducks in a row for the autumn, or just a space for doing less, taking a break, getting to camp and enjoying the outdoors.

Girlguiding has introduced an item in their volunteer newsletter celebrating International Day of Friendship which falls this year on 30 July; see the UN site for more information

and our webpage here

On that page you can explore Fuzzy friends, Brownie town, My support chain and Allies unite!

The areas of focus chosen are empathy, diversity and allyship. Do you know if empathy is one of your strengths? How would you develop more empathy if you felt it was lacking? It is something we can develop. Showing an interest in those around you without leaving yourself out would be a start. Self-empathy is essential, being kind to yourself and doing something you love doing and planning it in for this month. You might like to include a space for rejuvenation if you are feeling exhausted, for those hobbies or interests that matter to you. A re-charge month.

There’s some interesting and useful worksheets on this site:

Diversity has been on our minds recently and a Pride celebration is coming up soon in our county here at region office. We are feeling the excitement of preparing for a successful, fun and inclusive participation. What do you think about when you hear the word ‘diversity’? Check out the inspiring background to how the national diversity and inclusion, and programme teams created the Know Myself materials;

And this blog about diversity and the walking scheme:

Hoping you can relax this month, find an ally, get some walking in and reflect on your wonderful abilities and traits. Until the next time!