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Blog / July 30th, 2021

Chief Commissioners Blog

Did you take part in Fiesta Fun? What a great weekend of videos and activities with a resource pack which included lots of ideas, which we can continue to use over the coming months. Thank you to all members of the task and finish group for putting this event together. Fiesta Fun continues the celebrations of our 50th Year.

I took part with my own unit and we joined together with our local Brownies, we certainly did have fun! We made masks, learnt a fiesta dance, had a piñata, and made Fiesta Fred, Fran and a Freda. There is still time to send us your photos and of course don’t forget to get in those badge orders.

This month we have more ideas for the “Buzz about Anglia” challenge and in our next newsletter the spotlight will be, “Bee a leading light”. So please do keep an eye out for this. I have noticed that many counties have active challenges you can take part in, which really complement our region challenge and create an even bigger Buzz!  August also sees our Trefoil Guild members from across the region joining in our 50th Birthday celebrations, by having a “Garden Party” together.  This sounds a great way to celebrate and I’m so pleased that our Trefoil members are joining in the celebrations. Thank you to Jean, our Region Trefoil Guild Chair, for supporting our Trefoil members with this initiative. You can find out more here, Trefoil Guild 50th Birthday Challenge   it includes lots of idea quizzes and games. What about this one?,

“Name 5” Game – Do individually or in small groups.

  1. Name 5 foods that come in a can.

  2. Name 5 fairy tales.

  3. Name 5 game shows.

  4. Name 5 things that happened in the 1970s!

  5. Name 5 Counties in the Anglia Region.

  6. Name 5 garden flowers.

  7. Name 5 different types of cake!

I hope that’s got you thinking?

As always, thank you to all of you

take care and keep Smiling,