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Blog / August 31st, 2021

Chief Commissioners Blog

I want to send my continued thanks to everyone who has completed First Aid, Safe Space training and DBS renewals over these last few weeks. Thanks also to all those who have delivered training sessions and supported the completion of the many DBS renewals. We are now reaching the compliance deadline for DBS renewals for those who have been on hold. Please make sure these are completed and alert your local commissioner if you are having any difficulties.

There has been lots of activity as we prepare for the new term to commence. I also have seen lots of social media posts about the activities which have taken place with units over this summer, always great to see the smiley faces of our girls having fun.

You will see in this newsletter we have just launched our Amazzzing Anglia Birthday Party event pack, which you can use to celebrate with your unit, as a district or division or even as a group of leaders. Whatever you decide I hope that you will have fun and celebrate together.

As part of this event, we have set up a region wide birthday card swap for all units to take part in, if you would like to find out more and get your unit involved in this event, you can find the full details here on our website.  I am really hoping that we receive cards from all units so that we can swap cards from across the region and maybe beyond!

We are still adding a whole variety of new activities to the Buzz about Anglia challenge, as well as the penultimate theme, Bee a Leading Light, which is also launching today! Buzz about Anglia has been designed so that you can pick this up and use the resources your units whenever you wish, there’s so much for our members to do with lots of suggested activities, some of the activities even link with UMAs and other aspects of the programme. I would love for you all to take part, create a buzz and of course as always have some fun.

If you have always liked the look of our ROVE virtual events, but not had a whole day to commit to it, Rove: Spotlight Sessions could be the training for you! This will be virtual training sessions offered monthly with the dates release quarterly, of course these do not take away from the value of face-to-face raining, but we recognise how important the virtual offer has become. If you are interested in this event, you can find more information in the newsletter or go directly to the bookings page here.

One final thought from me, is that I have really missed meeting you all from across the region over the last 18 months or so and I hope that I can get to see some of you very soon. Andrea and I always do our best to come too events and activities we are invited to, and we both look forward to a time when we can see you all again soon.

Take care and keep Smiling,