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Blog / November 28th, 2022

Connections, reflections

We’re entering a busy time of year but also a time of holidays, spending more time with family and friends and partying. Maybe a time of conflicting demands and juggling too many plates. As we near the end of 2022, which for many has been quite a whirlwind year moving away from the year and a half of lockdowns and disrupted schedules, we could make sure we play to our strengths by reflecting on what has gone well this year.

Of course, we like to look ahead, however, as Søren Kierkegaard said in the 19th Century “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”, an encouragement to take stock and reflect on what brought us to this place in time, sharing with others the positive as well as the disappointments and preparing ourselves for the coming year.

There will be celebrations to take part in as well as acknowledging the fading of the daylight and the inevitable return to longer days, as light features in several religious and secular festivals. In some cultures, there is a ritualistic cleaning of homes and schools to enter the New Year purified. Would doing the same thing at home help with mental focus and bring a sense of well-being or do you view it as a stressful chore?

This website gives some useful suggestions for decluttering:

Some holidays bring with them a slowdown as we are not rushing around in our normal work mode, but that change of pace can contain a bit of anxiety and low mood, often temporary. How about nurturing your creativity or your connections to friends and family you don’t have enough time for when working?

That might include some winter walks, getting outside and being active is always a bonus for our mental energy; ringing for a chat when you can’t see someone in person; changing one of your regular shopping trips to a walk there and back, not only saving money but also fuel; making some time for one of the younger people in your life and treating yourself. Quality time together can bring enormous satisfaction and that connected feeling, a help for boosting mood in this dark, wintery season. Mental Health UK has some good tips too, see here:

Staying indoors when the weather gets too wet or cold is a good excuse to read, relax, craft, write, play games or get creative in your favourite way. Here’s one book that might get you stitching and re-using:

Or this one for fun games;

If you already have your plans in place for the coming month or if you have magically managed to slot in unstructured, ‘blue sky thinking’ time without limits, may your choices bring you joy and contentment. Here’s a farewell to 2022 and a wave hello to 2023!