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Blog / May 10th, 2024

Empowering the next generation to swap

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with circular fashion pioneers, Swoperz, circular fashion pioneers for children aged 6-16 years old. With the UK in lockdown and 2 young girls to keep occupied Swoperz’s founders, Vicky and Charlie, sat through another socially distanced garden fashion show. As the kids rummaged in each other’s wardrobes, excited to swap and share their clothes, the idea for Swoperz was born.

The girls found empowerment in taking charge of their fashion decisions, free from the influence of their grown-ups. Liberated by the idea of experimenting and having fun with their wardrobe, they enthusiastically inspired their friends to join in. Charlie and Vicky followed suit, and found themselves fielding inquiries from adults and children eager to be part of the movement.

Swoperz is the only preloved kids’ marketplace where children aged 6-16 years are in control. Kids snap and upload unwanted items whilst browsing through hundreds of high-quality preloved garments in an environment that is designed with their needs in mind. Swoperz understands the inevitability of children outgrowing clothes. They’re committed to saving time and money for families with growing kids every day.

Swoperz is an empowering, disruptive, next-generation marketplace positioned to redefine consumption habits through its innovative approach and strategic partnerships. There’s a significant disconnect between kids and their knowledge of the detrimental effect fast fashion and overconsumption have on the planet. Swoperz aims to educate the next generation of consumers to make more informed lifestyle choices.

Swoperz wants kids to be in control of their style, but always with a conscience. So, they’ve created a safe, grownup-verified environment. Kids can swap their clothes without any worries about the planet or their online safety. Safety isn’t just a promise; it’s Swoperz’s guiding principle. Children’s welfare remains paramount, safeguarded within their verified environment. Extending a helping hand, Swoperz facilitates free swapping of school uniforms, uniforms, and sports kits. They are keen to ease the financial burden on parents.

Safety on the platform

Swoperz has adopted the highest safety measures to ensure the well-being of children and teenagers while using their community and enabling safe digital parenting. Swoperz meets the legal requirements relating to children’s safety online. They’ve partnered with a company that verifies that a person claiming to be a child’s parent is indeed that child’s parent or guardian. Because of this process, this presents an opportunity to connect directly and consensually with the next generation of brand advocates.

Swoperz is making waves in the fashion and innovation arena. They are the winners of the eBay Circular Fashion Innovation Fund 2024. Family Perks partners with Go Henry, among others. Together, we can regenerate the planet and use fashion for good!

For further information, head over to Swoperz’s LinkedIn and blog pages.