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Blog / January 21st, 2022

Finding contentment

Welcome to our series on wellbeing, a place to find inspiration on leader care; tips on keeping well, links to useful information and signposts to a happier 2022!

So how do we find the contentment that we associate with feeling happier? We could start with our self-care routine; healthy volunteers influence those around them in a positive way. Taking care of ourselves is for everyone in Girlguiding too; check out this piece from a young member of Girlguiding, Hanna, with her thoughtful idea that everyone has their own definition of wellbeing:

If you are into resolutions at this time of year how about starting with small, achievable goals from last month; these could build up to being realistic resolutions to start some time in February. You could use some of the following to start the ball rolling:

  • Make time to do something kind for yourself today
  • Go to bed in good time and allow yourself to recharge
  • Challenge your negative thoughts and look for the upside
  • Get outside and notice things that are beautiful
  • Look for the good in others and notice their strengths
  • Eat healthy food which really nourishes (see recipe below)
  • Write down your hopes and plans for the near future

And here’s a healthy, ‘banish the winter blues’ recipe to try: