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Blog / August 26th, 2022

Friends and allies

September already! Doesn’t the summer fly by when we are outdoors and taking holidays? This time of year brings us back to getting back into our volunteering as the new term for schools is due to start soon. Some of you will know exactly what your plans look like, while others might want a visual support for getting organised; remember you can always ask for help. We’re here at the region office if your local help is not immediately available: get through to us in the contact area here:

Here’s a great little reminder page from our national website:

So did you enjoy your ‘no-plans’ days and can you approach your ‘new plans’ days in a relaxed way? Did you consolidate any friendships over the holidays? There’ll be plenty of opportunities for thoughtfulness, sharing your skills and knowledge with newer members and creating connections for new friendships. Could you include a walk with the catch-up meeting locally? It would be like a ‘wellbeing walk’ and a way to check out where your fellow member is at and what areas you can work on together. Being allies and helping each other out.

If we’re online with fellow members being kind and supportive and sharing positive comments is always preferable, getting a harmonious start to the month when it can be quite hectic with new girls starting and older girls moving up.

You may also want to take care of the parents and carers of your girls and fortunately, there’s some guidance from Girlguiding which you can find here, in short list form:

And finally, not forgetting ourselves and self-care in all this, take some inspiration from the Self Care Forum here and a chance to celebrate with

EveryWoman Day on 3 September, see their website here:

Wishing you all a healthy if busy September and here’s till next month.