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Blog / February 27th, 2024

Girlguiding Anglia’s Pyjama Party

Have you seen the exciting news? Girlguiding Anglia have announced plans for a pyjama party in 2025!

Anglia’s chief commissioner team would love as many of our members as possible to take part in pyjama parties across the region to celebrate World Thinking Day 2025. There are so many party possibilities and it’s up to each unit or even district or division to decide how to host it.


The event team will support you every step to ensure you feel informed with your planning and preparation. To start with, we’ve produced this set of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). You’ll find lots of information included about the event and hopefully have a clearer idea of how everything will work. Plus if you complete our expression of interestthen you’ll receive a useful timeline of when to complete different elements of your planning and what’s coming from the events team. Timelines will be posted out to all units who have signed up over the Easter holidays.

There is a pyjama party Facebook page. We hope this helps leaders support each other, share any questions and also gives a platform for sharing pictures and stories over the World Thinking Day weekend.

The team

The event team includes our deputy chief commissioner, Claire Course, alongside our region outdoor and residential advisors, Pam Lacey and Sarah Crocombe. Hertfordshire assistant county commissioner, Sally Settle has joined the team too with Queen’s Guide candidate, Emily Curtis. Our region opportunity and adventure volunteer team leader, Carolyn Hare is also on the team, as well as members of the region retail team and delivery team.

Everyone is really excited to ensure we can make the event as accessible as possible to as many of our region members as possible. Please get in touch if there is anything you need from us that you can’t find in the FAQ’s or any other event information.


We will be running several support webinars in the lead up to the event. These will help with REN forms, risk assessments and any other questions you may have whilst setting up your sleepover.

22 April 2024, webinar 1: introduction to the event and some of the volunteer team behind it. Plus a chance to learn more about our plans moving forward.

17 September 2024, webinar 2: support with completing your REN part 1 and risk assessments.

9 January 2025, webinar 3: support with completing your REN part 2.

5 February 2025, webinar 4: open forum for questions and support with things you might have forgotten.

If you’re unable to attend any of the webinars, don’t panic! They’ll be recorded and made available for you to watch. We’ll also be using the webinars to help continually update our FAQS on the website.

Merchandise survey

You may have already seen on our social media channels that we have a survey open to find out what merchandise you and your girls would love to have for your pyjama party next year. To take part, click here.

What’s next?

Sign ups for the project will launch later in the year. There will be a cost per member and units will receive an activity pack for their parties, badges and a commemorative gift. We also hope to have additional merchandise for members to purchase.

To support members further we will also set up some webinars to support leaders to deliver the best possible event for the girls.

More information will be shared through the region newsletter and our social media platforms as the project progresses. Please spread the word with your networks so we can get as many of our amazing members involved as possible.