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Blog / October 16th, 2020

Section specific newsletters for members

Edit October 2021: All section specific newsletters have now been combined into their own section folders and can be found at the following link

In April 2020 Anglia region launched the first in a series of four newsletters designed to be used by leaders to keep members engaged whilst not able to meet face to face or virtually. Following requests from leaders from September 2020 five further newsletters are being launched this time with the aim for a member to be able to complete a programme Skills Builder or even full Theme award.

Number 1 – Click here to download newsletter number 1 for Autumn 2020

Number 2 – Click here to download newsletter number 2 for Autumn 2020

Number 3 – Click here to download newsletter number 3 for Autumn 2020

Number 4 – Click here to download newsletter number 4 for Autumn 2020

Number 5 – Click here to download newsletter number 5 for Autumn 2020

This second set has proved as popular as the first with leaders using them within Zoom meetings, pulling out and setting the activities on their Facebook and WhatsApp groups as well as emailing out the newsletters for their unit members to complete in their own time.

1st Sandy Guides have been using the newsletters. They chose to use the Guide newsletter and amend the wording each time to suit the unit with girls choosing how they give evidence of completion. Here are some wonderful examples of the Guides having completed their Chop Chop Skills Builder.

One member completed a healthy spaghetti bolognese sharing the picture of her dish by email.

Another member used Microsoft Word to write up how she made her healthy pasta dinner including instructions and photos of each step and a screenshot of an app used to find the nutritional value of the dish.

Finally, another member chose to make a video of her meal showing off her creative editing skills and sharing the YouTube video link with the unit leader.

However you chose to use these newsletters, and whether your members chose to do all, some or none of the content we hope they are helping you stay in touch and keep the guiding light burning until we can return to what we all love.