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Blog / February 22nd, 2022

Stepping out

Continuing this month with our ‘everyday happiness’ theme, how did you do with your small resolutions? Were there any ‘putting yourself in someone else’s shoes’ type of thoughts? Thinking about other people around us can start with family and friends and may branch out to the girls in your unit, your fellow volunteers locally and those who support your volunteering.  

Maybe you spend a lot of time taking others into consideration. Balancing that by taking yourself into account is the challenge. So how do we keep an eye out for the younger people around us? Volunteering in Girlguiding means you are passionate about helping young people to find their potential and grow. One of the areas you take care of is, of course, your girls’ health and wellbeing. There are some great tips on the Young Minds website.

There’s a useful list of tips from the ‘Better Health, every-mind-matters section’ on the NHS website to support children and young people including:

  • Be there to listen 
  • Stay involved in their life 
  • Take what they say seriously 
  • Support them through difficulties 
  • Encourage their interests 
  • Build positive routines 

You can read more here:

Some of these remind us of the Girlguiding values. 

And what about those people further afield? World Thinking Day has just happened and at this time we think about all those involved in Guiding across the world.

Stepping into others’ shoes as we consider the international aspect of Girlguiding.  

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