Blog / April 13th, 2021

Supporting units

For the next few months units will be offering very different options to meet with some going back face to face and others remaining online or sending out activity packs. To meet this wider range of needs we have changed our section newsletters slightly. For the next three months, we will be providing packs for each section that can continue to be sent as activity packs or you can use the activities suggested within socially distanced meetings inside or out.

There will be three final newsletters in this series, each released with the monthly Anglia e-newsletter on the final day of the previous month.

We also have four activity packs, one for each section, kindly shared with us from the Space to Grow Together project, and designed for use as remote guiding activities or as ideas for activities to do when socially distanced meetings return. Find the packs here in our member support download area.

Our previous newsletters are also still available in the resources section of our website with each sections full set available at the following links:

We also have a wealth of resources able to be shared with young members or to support our valued leaders with guiding at this time. Follow the links below to download the resources: