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Blog / June 24th, 2020

Young Leader Opportunities

Young Leaders are an essential part of many units, providing support for leaders and being role models for girls and other young women to look up to. Guiding isn’t all about what a young leader can give though and this blog looks to outline some of the opportunities young leaders, and indeed Rangers, can get involved in and take advantage of.

Young Leader Qualification (YLQ)

The YLQ is designed to help you take an active, positive part in running a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide unit. It is open to anyone aged 14 to 18 (you do not have to have been a member previously) and looks great on any job, college, or university application. You can also easily transfer the qualification to become a fully qualified adult leader at 18.

The full criteria for the qualification is available from the Girlguiding website and by this link.

A Safe Space Levels 1 & 2

Part of the qualification involves gaining certificates in safeguarding. You can do this at any time online from the comfort of your own home, there is no need to register first. Click on the links below to complete each of the 30-minute e-learnings and help keep our members safe and gain confidence in your young leader role.

Safe Space Level 1 E-learning

Safe Space Level 2 E-learning

International Opportunities

We are part of a truly global movement, so Girlguiding can offer its members a  large selection of amazing international adventures. There are opportunities big and small, suitable for all ages available at a national, regional and county level.

National opportunities

Girlguiding Anglia hosts an international opportunities weekend (IntOpps), this is a fun-filled weekend during which you will find out about international opportunities available to all members in Anglia and how to apply for them.

Speak to your commissioner or email our Anglia international team to request more information.

Become a Peer Educator

Peer educators are aged 14 to 25 and support Brownies, Guides and Rangers to explore important topics. The topics are developed with expert partners and if you would like to be trained to run these challenging sessions this may be the opportunity for you. Visit the Girlguiding website to find out more and take a short quiz to see if being a peer educator is for you.

Various awards are available to members aged 13 and above and being a member of Girlguiding Anglia means a specialist advisor will be available to coach you through to success!

Lead Away Permit

Aimed at equipping you with the skills and knowledge to lead 4 to 8 Rangers or Young Leaders on residential trips, this permit will boost your leadership skills, experience and confidence as well as empowering you to make the right decisions when things don’t go to plan. Click here for more information.

lead away badge

Commonwealth Award

The Commonwealth Award is open to members aged 13 to 25 in all 53 states in the Commonwealth and is for members keen to learn more about the rich history of our organisation. Click here for more information.

commonwealth award brooch

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE)

The DofE programme operates in over 100 countries and is recognised by potential employers and universities as a mark of real personal development and achievement. Activities within the DofE programme can also be matched with those you are already doing in guiding so you can get more than one award for the challenges that you complete. Click here for more information.

Queen’s Guide Award

This is the highest award you can work to in guiding and is open to all members aged 16 to 25. The award shows potential employers, colleges and universities that you have challenged yourself and achieved your goals. Again, activities can be matched to activities you are already doing in guiding, counting to more than one award. Click here for more information.

Your charity

Did you know that all levels of Girlguiding are individual charities? We need event volunteers, committee members, trustees and advisors to make our wonderful organisation work and we’d especially love to hear from our younger members. Keep up to date on available opportunities by following us on social media and visiting the Anglia vacancies page.

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Make sure your details on our membership database (GO) are up to date to ensure you get the latest newsletters and essential information. You can choose what information you would like to receive in the ‘My Guiding Preferences’ section.

Visit the GO homepage to log in or to contact membership systems with any difficulties.

And remember, if you’re not sure who to contact, are having any difficulties with your qualification or can’t get in contact with your leader or commissioner we’re here to help.

Contact our membership support administrator by email or by phone at the Anglia region office.